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0 to Z of Playstation 1 Games - Arcade Party Pak

Arcade Party Pak is a small collection of six arcade games from Atari and Midway and Williams Electronics, the collection was developed by Digital Eclipse Software and published by Midway Games from the Playstation 1. This collection was released on the 17th of November 1999 in North America, and two years later on the  23rd of February 2001 in Europe

This collection has a total of six games to choose from starting off with Atari and 720º, where the player is a skateboarder from Skate City, home to one of the largest skateparks in the world, use ramps, rails and swerve your way past pedestrians as you pull off your tricks. Use skate shops around the park to upgrade your gear and skills as well as compete in competitions to earn medals and cash to use in the skate shops.

The second game in the collection is Smash T.V the Williams Electronics release from 1990, set in the year 1999 the worlds most popular tv show is Smash T.V an all out bloodfest between two armed combatants in arenas …

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